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Lori Spencer-Neuzerling

Fine Watercolour Artist

Lori was born in Manjimup in the southwest of Western Australia. Her early years were spent on her father’s farm in the beautiful karri country of Northcliffe, near the famous Valley of the Giants, and this lush wilderness nurtured in her a love and respect for its distinctive plants and wildlife.

Lori’s adventurous spirit took her to some of the remotest parts of Australia over many years of her adult life but she eventually returned to her place of birth in the early 1990’s and there her love of the southwest was reborn. It was then that she began painting her vivid and intricate watercolours of bush life. Lori is completely self-taught. Through trial and experiment, she developed her own unique and exacting art. Her first love is the flora and fauna of Western Australia, but Lori finds inspiration and fascination in the colours, textures and contours of almost all plant life and wild creatures.

Lori is kept constantly busy with commissions and her works have been purchased for collections in many countries around the world. Lori rarely participates in collective exhibitions and rarely sells through galleries. She has held only two solo exhibitions in Western Australia, both very successful. Her last solo, “Eyes Wide Open”, a collection of 35 paintings, was held for one week only, in 2008 at Atwell Gallery, and was a sell-out.

During a four-year stay in Ireland, Lori held solo exhibitions in several counties. In May of 2002, at the invitation of the Australian Embassy, an exhibition of Lori’s works was held at Oscar Wilde House in Merrion Square, Dublin and was opened by H.E. Robert Halverson OBE (then Australian Ambassador to Ireland). Representatives of the international diplomatic community of Dublin attended this very successful event and it afforded Lori a great opportunity to give the world a glimpse of Western Australia’s unique flora and fauna.

Also in 2002, Lori’s Irish students encouraged her to enter the prestigious national television (RTÉ) show – ‘Open House’ ‘Artist of the Year’ Award. The TV broadcast went ‘live to air’ across the nation and as a ‘visitor’ to the country, Lori was delighted to be one of only three winners in Ireland and to be awarded 1st Runner Up – yet another opportunity to promote Western Australia.

Lori’s latest achievement in promoting both her work and Western Australian flora and fauna, occurred in September of this year when she was ‘discovered’ by a Japanese TV company, Images. Tabisarada, (Travel Salad) a Japanese tourism programme, has been televised every Saturday for 16 years on Japan’s ABC and has a viewing audience of 16 million adults. The popular programme, which airs in November 2009, will feature a story on Lori, promoting her as an artist and as a children’s art teacher with a strong emphasis on environmental awareness. (Lori conducts these classes at Atwell Gallery in Alfred Cove.)

As well as keeping up with commissions and preparing for her next solo, Lori’s drawing board is stacked with current projects. She loves to write, for adults and children, and her stories, prose and poetry – most of which have had specialist publication – are mounting up, just waiting to be illustrated and turned into books – when there’s time!

At the end of 2012 Lori completed a three-year university stint and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Humanities degree.

Lori is also a contributing writer for the .

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