I was just thinking…………

………………………..about Mother’s Day. We all roll our eyes to heaven in the months leading up to May as the jewellery stores bombard us from the TV with Mother’s Day specials of diamonds and gold for the price of a block of land. The commercialism really is pretty shady, sure, but the other day I got a different slant on it all, which painted a much prettier picture and gave me lots of warm fuzzies – and a few giggles.

It was the Saturday prior to Mother’s Day. I was in a shopping centre and had a couple of hours to kill. No art shop there, (sad affair), so I just browsed and because I didn’t have anything specific to look for, I took more notice of the people around me. The first conversation I overheard was, ‘Well, what shall I get her – a 12 or a 14? Would she suit the pink or the yellow do you think?’

‘Well if you get Mum that – get the pink one, I reckon, and better get the 14 - I’ll get her some slippers to match, eh? An’ Julie, you go up to the liquor store and get her a bottle of Malibu.’
In the perfume department, a Dad was crouching down to his two small and excited children, giving them a Myer bag and a lecture on the meaning of ‘secret’.

Blokes toting kids and bunches of flowers looked flustered as they fumbled around the clothes racks, and one poor fellow in King Gees and lumber shirt was hovering, first on one foot, then on the other, in the doorway of Bra’s and Things’. He might as well have been on the moon, so completely lost did he look.

Everywhere I went, people of all ages were gift shopping – for their MUMS!
I thought it was really special and it did make me feel pretty good about the designated day that’s put aside for thoughts of us……and then I got my best giggle. A bunch of young girls came through the Miss Shop and wistfully ran their hands along a row of Levi’s as one of them said, “ Orrr…geez – I’m jus’ gunna say, ‘Eh Mum, seein’ as it’s Muvver’s Day, wot about you getting’ me some new jeans then, eh? See wot she sez then, eh? Waddya reckon?’
Yes, well, good luck dearie ducks. ‘Hope your Mum was feeling generous!
And I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Last month's Crossword solution:

ACROSS: 1. Garret 4. Opaque 7. Ups 9. Contrast 11. Scar 12. Etch 13. Turpentine 14. Yellow
17. Layer 20. Observation 24. Can 26. Sit 27. Negative 29. Very 30. Touch
32. Fade 33. On 34. Holi 35. Islander 37. Ether 38. New wool

DOWN: 1. Gallery 2. Roach 3. Tuart 4. Own 5. Quality 6. Entrepreneurial 8. Scarf 10. Tonal
11. Scale 15. Web 16. Variety 18. A stitch 19. Canvas 20. Okay 21. Spinner 22. As
23. IT 25. Needle 28. Great 31. Homo 32. Fix 33. Ode 36. NH


Lori Spencer