I was just thinkingÖÖÖÖ

ÖÖÖ.ÖÖÖÖÖabout circumstance, consequence and connectivity - the 3 Cís.
And we could add fate and serendipity and label it coincidence. Call it what you like, itís all a mystery, but funny little things, and not-so-little things happen to us all the time donít they, and weíre really at a loss to explain why we happen to be in a place, or how we happen to bump into people or land in situations that are life-changing. A decision to do the most menial little thing can alter our lives in a major way. For example, if I hadnít walked under a particular tree and hit my head on a bunch of gum nuts, would I ever have discovered an ability to paint? Quite possibly not.

Actually, Iím doing all this philosophizing, because a small decision yesterday resulted in a wondrous few moments that Iíll remember forever.
It was a beautiful Sunday and my husband and I took a drive up to York. As we left for home, I realized I needed to buy a gift to give a friend that evening so I enjoyed a quick browse in one of the gift shops, made my purchase and we headed back. Luxuriating in the rareness of doing absolutely nothing, I sat gazing out at the scrolling bush scenery when I suddenly came alive with excitement and could hardly believe what I was seeing. A pair of wedge-tailed eagles! They were right in front of us! Majestic and magnificent, they rose unhurried from the ground, gracefully gained height and soared up over the trees, wingspans wide and golden bronze in the sunlight. I have never before seen wedge tails in the wild so for me that sighting made the day particularly special.
Now if I hadnít stopped at the last minute to buy a gift for a friend, Iíd have missed that spectacular moment.

Of course there are other slants to this 3 Cís thing. The other day, quite by chance, I encountered a stranger who bought one of my more expensive artworks, in circumstances one would least expect. Next day, while driving to work, a grinding, grating eruption suddenly spewed from under the bonnet of my car as it blew its power steering mechanism, and on the SAAB, yes, you guessed, the repairs cost me about the price of that painting.
Now, I had no intention of being where I was at the time that person unexpectedly bought the painting from me, so who knew my car was going to blow up and that an art sale would be particularly beneficial that day? Coincidence?

Hereís another one then. Driving home one afternoon, I drew up to a notorious intersection in Spearwood and just as the lights turned green, I felt a ferocious stinging on the right side of my face, as though a pin were being pushed into my cheek. Ouch! My hand shot up to investigate but I found nothing that could have caused such a sensation. With a little rubbing, it subsided quickly, but that sudden pain saved my life, because in those seconds of delay that stopped me entering the intersection, a huge sheep truck came roaring around the blind corner and hurtled straight through the red lights.
I wouldnít have stood a chance.
Another coincidence?
I donít know. But I love to ponder these things. Iím always intrigued to hear other peopleís philosophies and stories, too. Itís a source of delicious wonder and speculation. Some people believe they have the absolute, unarguable answers and others are happy to put it all under the umbrella of fate. Me? Iíve spent many years reading and discussing and sharing stories such as would defy belief, but I donít have a single solid answer. And the more I hear, the less Iím sure about the answers I may have thought I once had.

Oh, and the reason I went to York? I booked an exhibition there at Spooky House, a gorgeous new gallery, restaurant and cidery that has just recently thrown open its doors. Youíll love it. The exhibition opening is on Sunday 30th April, at 11 am, so be sure to put that in your 2006 diary. Please come and enjoy yourselves and make a day of it in York. Youíre especially invited.
And I just happened to be writing this article the day after I just happened to book my first solo exhibition in Oz, so it seems the right time to invite you all - and
Iíd call that serendipitous.

Cheers, and a very Merry Christmas to everyone.

Lori Spencer