I was just thinking…………

……….about the shining honesty of kids and how grounding the effect of this honesty when directed at us, the adults. What else can we do with their clear, unclouded, no nonsense comments but look at ourselves and laugh. The candour with which they deliver their lines is refreshing. There is no malice in their comments, no hidden agenda tangled up in their outspoken observations. They have no need of careful forethought and tact is not a consideration. The phrase ‘think before you speak’ is just something else Mum says ad nauseum and which of course, to a small person, means absolutely nothing. So they charge through their childhood being wonderfully oblivious of the devastation they leave in their wake, shattering our egos to the core while we vainly attempt to master grace and serenity in the midst of a verbal bombing we’ve just received from a beloved offspring, grandchild or student….ah..yes..student!

Just recently, I had to attend the opening of an exhibition in which I was participating. I felt I had to make an effort to swap my army pants and t-shirt for something a bit swishier. So, off I went to the hairdresser for a sleek new look, then the manicurist. A gorgeous new outfit and a pair of lovely new high heels completed the look. A bit of careful attention to makeup and on with the new gear – sage green silk pants, camisole and shirt. I felt great. Very swishy indeed. Glamorous even. But before I could go out to play, I had a class to take care of. Ten little darlings at Atwell Gallery. Not wanting to get any accidental splotches of paint on my nice new gear, I decided we’d have a lesson in drawing, and asked them what they’d like to draw.

‘YOU’ they all chorused. ‘We want to draw you!’
‘Oh’, says I, just a little tiny bit flattered, and perching primly on the end of a chair. ‘Well, OK then, do you want me to sit or stand?’
‘Oh, it doesn’t matter’, replied one little treasure, ‘We only want to draw your face. And Lori, can we draw your wrinkles in too?’


Lori Spencer