I was just thinking........

.....that I don't ever need to stare at a blank sheet of paper and wonder what to put on it. Rather, my wonder is that there is so much to paint and so little time. Life is too short for all that there is!

Every step I take, everywhere I look, nature is so 'delicious' and spectacular.
I look downwards and at my feet is a carpet of pure delight. A few random leaves on a pathway, or a myriad coating the ground, feet slowly crunching over dried arrangements of astounding colour, form, texture.

I look upwards, and against a backdrop washed with richest azure or softest grey, are the trees - majestic, serene, full of sheer beauty and promise.

But I don't want to paint them like that. Not me. I zoom in like a scientist with his microscope. I want to get up close and personal. I want to see nature's best kept secrets. Best kept - yes - because they're hidden right before our eyes every day of our lives!

Speaking generally, of course, we walk over them, around them, right through them without having the time or the inclination to stop and look. Really look. I used to be like that, until one day I walked under a marri tree (didn't know what a marri tree was) and hit my head on a bunch of honky nuts! That's what changed my life.

Now, it makes my mouth water - the anticipation of discovery. I look at gumnuts in a different light, and jarrah bark and karri blossoms and leaves, and wildflowers and just about anything that grows. There are more colours than I could ever have imagined. Have you seen the Illyarrie? It's out now all over the place. The one with the brilliant yellow blooms and red caps. Look closely! It will take your breath away. The intricacy of the operculums and blooms and fruit will astound you. So utterly perfect, it's overwhelming.

I feel humbled, observing nature and her secrets. She keeps me well grounded. In awe, and at the same time, at peace. I know my place - not above or below, but a part of.

.............now where's that pencil.


Lori Spencer